Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oh my love

I just bought my love..
here it is D3000..
too much excited..
there're lot to go with..
here some shots in one fine moment :)
it's stunned my feeling actually..
today's upon the rise of sun

the morning brush make the day

the witch tree in the river

lonely craft in husky blue

water splash by river side

snail running on tree

morning birds flying in sunrise

flying away never be end

tallest you are than others


  1. Howdie there!
    Thanks for fanning my blog! I must say this is my favorite post of your so far. You have a nack for nature photography...something I am trying to pick up as I go. I spend most of my time doing architecture but am going into cityscapes now too.

  2. oh thanx for love my entry :).. goodluck for your career man.. u also got many nice pictures..glad to see that! :)

  3. I loooveeeee all the pictures! and nice blog!

    and thanks for following my blog! (dah lama dah tp baru nak ckp kan??) =D